This is a journal dedicated to the game series TheSims, currently hosting exclusively custom content for TheSims2 and TheSims3, which may or may not change sometime in the future. It serves as dump for older CC or such I do not really consider fit for GOS, which is where I will usually upload. All content you find here was original made for my own game and may not be to everyone's taste.

TOU/ Credits/Etc.:
I consider everything I make fair game for anyone to use and mangle in any way they conceive of, however, I would like to point out that I harbour a great dislike for pay/subsciption/donation sites, so please keep my content away from there and refrain from using it in your creations, if you plan to upload to such a place.

Explicit credits are not neccessary.

Comments are always appreciated, but please remember that I am a paranoid, grumpy old recluse who pretty much lacks all basic skills of human interaction, so expect some awkwardness there. :P

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Scraps And Unfinished Bussiness

Hey guys...

I am afraid I have to start this post with an apology. This does contain the little set I had planned to upload as a gift. I have sat on this a few weeks more, always intending to finish it, but I believe this might never happen. So I have decided to upload it here, what's finished along with what has remained unfinished, and it is up to you whether you might still find a place for these. I am very sorry, but I no longer have the inspiration or energy to work on them. So, before they disappear into oblivion, here they are.

First is this top for AM. I have shown it on Tumblr a long time ago, and I am very, very sorry it took me so long to put it up. I used a texture by Fanseelamb as base I believe.


Duster outfit. The t-shirt ridge is 3D. Base texture only.


Layered top. I have struggled with this quite a while. I am afraid the bone assignments are not great and there is quite a bit of bleed-through depending on what trousers you use with them. I tried to minimse this, however, I was not very successful. Please note this mesh has no morphs.

Finally the trousers from the duster outfit, separate. Again only one texture. No morphs.


Here are also a few defaults I made a while ago. First, ambodyforgeshirtethantrs from H&M for which I combined my forge shirt edit with a pair of trousers by Yuxi; bottom textures by Misomoso.
Second, tmbodyhipjersey which I replaced with an age conversion of a NL outfit (probably one of my favourite original game outfits for guys).

DOWNLOAD ambodyforgeshirtethantrs.
DOWNLOAD tmbodyhipjersey.

Third, the am version of the outfit, ambodycardiganjeans from NL, with edited textures.
And fourth, a replacement for ambodyshirtuntuckedsaddle from basegame for which I combined two meshes once again (I loathe the original and just saw Mr Humble one time too many in it). The textures are by Misomoso.

DOWNLOAD ambodycardiganjeans.
DOWNLOAD ambodyshirtuntuckedsaddle.

Some defaults for the ladies.
I start with the one on the right, afbodybrunojacketanimaltop from H&M, because it is the only full default. Mesh and texture by lillany.
The one on the left is an edit of afbodyjosietopjeans. I nabbed the texture for the top from somebody else, however, I no longer remember their name - so, please, if you know who they are or if these are your textures give me a shout, and I will add your name. The mesh has no morphs!
The last one is afbodycroppedjacketskirt, also H&M (I believe the same mesh was included, however, hidden in BV? This one should not be affected). No morphs.

DOWNLOAD afbodybrunojacketanimaltop.
DOWNLOAD afbodyjosietopjeans.
DOWNLOAD afbodycroppedjacketskirt.

The picture on the left shows a default file for the blushes, using a blush by Jessi and some recolours by Nymphy (I chose what I thought went best with all possible skin shades). Also included is a file that makes all blushes show up for all skintones. You can use it independently with whichever default you use, just toss mine. If you do not want custom stars at the end of your blush section you should place this second file into the program files of your lastest EP under TSData>Res>Catalog>Bins.

DOWNLOAD Blush Default.

On the right side is a recolour of a lip blend by Trapping (Lilith and Nabila, I believe) which I adore very much. There are quite a few colours; not all of them look good on all skintones, but there should be some for any shade.

DOWNLOAD Trapping lip recolours.

Finally, this is a replacement hair (I made quite a few of these fast, sloppy replacement conversions) for Hairearhat. It has the usual transparency issues, but seems just fine (and cute) enough to share anyway. If I remember correctly I did all ages of the original hair. The textures are Remi's curly blend.


As for Sims2 content in the future, I don't really know if there will be more from me. I do enjoy defaulting Shasta's things, probably for as long as she will continue to make them, and I might fill a request once in a while. But don't feel very inspired to make any BS content, which seems to be mostly conversions now (and I still don't like making them T_T). And there are people more qualified around than me. So... we'll see...

If you see anything here you would like to fix/finish/improve on, please feel free to do so (as with anything else).

EDIT: As I went through my files I just come over these skintones I made a whole while ago. They are based on a blend I made and which Kayleigh was so kind to default for me. Bodies are purely Ephemera; the face is mainly Mouseyblue's. They also use aforementioned lipblend by Trapping and Ephemera's lids and their pore mask. Unfortunately, I do no longer have any screenshots, but this one showing their icons.

If someone whould like to take a closer look at them you can get them here.

(no subject)

Well, I made another thing for Sims 4, and the Kitten prodded me to post this already, so... ;P

The demo comes with this really cute pjs. But unfortunately every single recolour has flowers on it, so I resized the texture, painted on top and re-sized it back and, well, here it is in pure white. I'll also link the texture (.dds file), so you can use it as base for your recolours.

DOWNLOAD recolour.
DOWNLOAD texture.

Please let me know if you have any issues with this. And if the idea of spending several hours removing flowers from a texture should ever strike me again as a good one, please wag me over the head with a broomstick. XD

Sims 4: Eyes

So, like many others I tried the demo, and while I like the general style I wanted the eyes to be a bit more detailed. Here are two sets I made the past two days. The first is an edit of Mouseyblue's WindowSeatEyes (my absolutely favourite for Sims 2); I tried to stick close to the shades by Mousey and Jessi.
The second set uses the original texture of my WetEyes, which the Kitten asked me for. He also made the screenshots for me.^^
The shades might not necessarily correspond to the thumbnail colour.

DOWNLOAD WindowSeatEyes.


You can, of course, only have one at a time, and they go into into: MyDocuments\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo\Mods

Please let me know if there is anything wrong.

Sims 2: With a Kiss, Part 4

Just dropping by with the last part. Please, go here for details.
Shasta's original posts are here: one, two, three. And her storybook recolours are here and here.

For the colonial window shutters I used a recolour in Shasta's "barn", because I really wanted a red in there.
The loft and value stairs use the original stucco wall texture, recoloured in various shades of grey. I also changed the glass of the loft stairs to no longer be yellow.
Sunnisims' stair mesh had two big gaps in the back, which I fixed. It is included in the .rar file.
For the handle on the value door I used values from Slig, so now it's silver.
I did not include the wellwisher/ lightpane window, mattandglass door or wayofthewood fireplace, as those items are hidden in my game.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that for all bg items that had a "stainless"/ "steel" or similar recolour I used a quick mash-up of Shasta's pewter texture. I also edited the TXMTs to be really shiny. So if you want to recolour those items you might want to chose another texture as base.

I also did the storybook set. I did not default the window glass or awnings. The counter is included.

Credits go to shastakiss, Goat, Slig and curiousb. Yuxi and Leefish for recolours of the Mauritana glass door (please forgive me forgetting you guys. T_T).


Please let me know if something is wrong/ you'd like to change something/etc.

Sims 2: With a Kiss, Part 4

Please, see here for details. Shasta's post can be found here.

Edited glass "texture".

Edited the TXMTs for the metal parts to look the same on all recolours.

I did not have enough recolours for the diner (?) halfwall, so in addition to a wench recolour (I think... ^^;), there are five recolours using Shasta's metals.
I don't have a picture, but I also had not enough wall colours for the column, so I added some nice recolours by Freezerbunny. :)

Hopefully, I did not forget anything. T_T

Credits go to shastakiss, Goat, Freezerbunny and Pooklet.


Sims 2: With a Kiss, Part 3

Details. Shasta's original post. :)

For this part I edited the TXMTs of the stairs (and might have done the fences to match... I don't remember now. ^^;)
GL door has two subsets, one for the metal details. As those are the same on Shasta's recolours, I did not change the TXMTs for the metal, so it looks slightly different in each case.
The hotel and apartment door have actually the same textures, so I defaulted them to match. I added a recolour in "wench" to both doors and used recolours of the red "gearhead" door for the remainder of the AL colours. Included is also an additional recolour that matches Shasta's "ink". The rugs use some of Anna's colours.
The silverish details on the AL door above are by HugeLunatic. Since I could not find a separate default file for the details on the hotel door I added them from one of her recent recolours. But I will gladly remove that in case I am being blind/ she prefers that.

Credits, of course, to shastakiss and Goat, HugeLunatic, Anna for the colours and to Hafi for compiling them.